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Atlantic City to Norfolk – 2011

Post Time – September 30th at 1pm

This will be the last post on this trip as we have arrived at our marina on the intercoastal.  Crazy boating through Norfolk with all the Navy ships being rebuilt and repaired.  Stayed at a marina in Portsmouth (across the river from Norfolk)last night , what a great town, so many great old church  buildings.  The downtown area is all houses from the 1700 – 1800’s all fully restored.  Up scale places to eat are also in the downtown area.  A short trip down the ICW to our marina where there is a country setting and a very busy marina.  This is where the boat will stay till our next adventure in a month or so depending on the demands of life and work back in Indiana.  I will post more pictures in the next few weeks.

Great Bridge, VA

Post Time – September 29th at 9am

Yesterday was a long day at sea. We left Annapolis at 6:30am and boated all day finally pulling into a protected anchorage at dark last night (86 miles).  The morning started with smooth seas and
rain, went to a sunny day with smooth seas and then in the late afternoon south wind starting kicking up and we had three to five foot seas and lightening on the horizon until we dropped the anchor.

The wind blew hard all night but seemed to back off around 4am.  As we left the anchorage the wind kicked up again and we have 3 to 5 foot waves again this time on the nose.  The storms have given way to sunshine.  The waves are not the swells that are often  on the ocean but short chop that causes the boat to pitch and slam just like on Lake Erie.

We have decreased our speed to reduce the bow of the boat slamming the water but should still be in Norfolk harbor around lunch time.  This is where the inter-coastal begins.  For the balance of the trip (with a few exceptions) we will have a choice each day to travel the ocean or the protested
waters of the intercostal.

A Marina in Norfolk today where I will finish the work day, 50 miles down the inter-coastal tomorrow to our final stop of the trip at the Virginia/North Carolina state line.  We will take a 20 mile cab ride to the Norfolk airport, rent a car and drive to the Baltimore Airport
where we will fly to Detroit Saturday night.

Main Street Annapolis

Annapolis by Water

Post time September 28th 6:30am

For those following my blog and not facebook as well I apologize  for no post yesterday.  The morning was a challenge due to fog and the number of fishing nets, crab pots and freighters
as well as work kept me busy.  We arrived in Annapolis around 1:30pm.  We knew it
would be the highlight of the trip and it was great!  We moored on the wall right down town.  It was the perfect place for Deb, a Starbucks just across the street from the boat.   The downtown was quant with small upscale shops and lots of restaurants.   The entire port is filled with mooring
balls, anchorages and marinas, all full.  Preparations were being made everywhere for next week’s boat show.

We took a dingy ride under the drawbridge and up the river there the houses and boats both topping a million dollars in many cases.  We toured the boats by water that were ready for the boat show.

As many of you know who have been following us, we have had a plugged fuel filter issue that had left us short of our goal last trip.  The installation of a much higher quality fuel filter that was easier to change and had a gauge to monitor if the filter was starting to clog paid off.  When I checked the gauge upon arrival, the vacuum was up above 7” meaning a clogged filter.  We took an hour total to change the filter with cleanup and priming and test running of the system.  I’m sure now we have some sort of bacteria problem in the fuel.  I double treated with fuel biocide but I need to find a different brand to be safe.  As someone pointed out, they could also be dead bacteria and still clog the filter.   All much better than not knowing the cause of two cases of low engine RPM on the open ocean.

As we leave Annapolis harbor this morning there is a solid row of freighters heading south.  Seas have a light chop and the air is warm and muggy.  Very light sea fog and off to the east I think we will see the sunrise across the bay this morning.  There are some storms off to the west about 100 miles and the hope is they stay there or at least weaken as they cross the bay.  Not sure how far we will get by tonight but it is roughly 200 miles to Norfolk,VA, our final destination for this trip.
Check back on the blog later today for some pictures of Annapolis.

PS.  Deb says I must add we ate at The Federal restaurant right down town, the food was great and I’m sure the building dated back well over 100 years.

We departed Atlantic City this morning around 10:00am.  The seas

swells of 3 to 4 feet off the port beam but really not a bad ride.  The

weather is mid 70’s and overcast but almost no wind.  I showered and did some organizing on the boat and now it is my turn for watch.  Only a 40 mile run down to cape may the will be out destination for today.

Leaving Atlantic City

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